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Vocational Training

Secondary education is insufficient to earn a dependable livelihood. Class X graduates from destitute areas scrape a miserable existence like their parents as day labor or in desperation take to  [ Read More ]


Abacus  program is a well structured brain development program for student  between the class of 1-5. The program is designed to improve the accuracy and speed of calculations. This course  [ Read More ]


Advance India Education Foundation  will provide funding for books and resources required for students along with volunteer training. This funding is provided to enable advance education  continue it’s core activities.  [ Read More ]


To give an underprivileged person a pair of clothes is as good as dressing him with self-respect. With this objective we distribute usable garments to the poorest of the poor  [ Read More ]


Individual people  in our society sends a wide variety of educational books  for distribution to school for blind & others , thereby providing world class reading material for school children  [ Read More ]