How you can help

  • Help AIEF Projects to become the preferred charity in your work place so your colleagues can donate.
  • On special occasions like birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies, request guests to donate to AIEF Project .
  • Donate a part amount from the sales of your products and services.
  • Sponsor an event and donate part of the tickets sales proceeds.
  • Sponsor or donate stationery, software, hardware for our offices.
  • Increase our followers on Twitter
  • Expand our network on Facebook
  • Write stories and updates for our Blog
  • Sponsoring ad space.

From making a difference in a child’s life to uplifting a community, this is your chance to make the country a better place. You can transform lives through charity, volunteer support and other ways. Your contribution to our Child Education Fund gives hope to the poorest children and an opportunity to partake in their country’s growth.

In each area that we serve, there are diverse needs. Our charity fund helps in meeting those needs efficiently and in an organised manner. Our children charity organisation has directly benefitted millions of lives and helped thousands of children break away from poverty’s grasp. It would have never been possible without your support and determination of helping the poor

The best way you can help make the world a better place is by living a life of compassion and providing a helping hand at the moment a need or opportunity presents itself as you

Join Team AIEF

Team AIEF is an endurance training program facilitated by AIEF  for Education that gives the chance to individuals of all ages to discover the magical benefits of Math while helping to raise funds