Our Programmes

Book Distribution

Individual people  in our society sends a wide variety of educational books  for distribution to school for blind & others , thereby providing world class reading material for school children especially the poor & blind  who may otherwise never get the opportunity to access such books. In addition to this they have also donated books for the visually impaired.

Garment Distribution

To give an underprivileged person a pair of clothes is as good as dressing him with self-respect. With this objective we distribute usable garments to the poorest of the poor children, women and men of all ages. To ensure that it reach out to more and more poor and needy people we distribute these garments through a network of various institutions /individuals/ Schools / Colleges who are working with the poor and underprivileged group of society. They in turn distribute the garments to individual beneficiaries.

Advance Education

Advance India Education Foundation  will provide funding for books and resources required for students along with volunteer training. This funding is provided to enable advance education  continue it’s core activities.

Advance Education  drives social change by fostering an environment where young adults & children learn, lead and thrive.
Advance Education  aims at bridging the societal gap through quality education.  Tiny Tots  (Activity based Mathematics) are dedicated towards providing supplementary education to  children.

Abacus Education

Abacus  program is a well structured brain development program for student  between the class of 1-5. The program is designed to improve the accuracy and speed of calculations. This course not only equips the students with the necessary skills to do calculations faster but also builds the confidence of the student.Abacus Maths Skill Development  program uses Abacus as a manipulative to develop the ability to perform simple to complicated arithmetic calculations mentally. It enhances the mental computation skills in student, so they do not need to use the calculators.

  • Assist the child to overcome the fear of Math and numbers.
  • Discover the genius within children and unleash their latent talents.
  • Provide the ability in children to calculate arithmetic operations, mentally.
  • To provide educational programs that help to optimize children’s mental potential.
  • Help unleash the hidden potential of children and thereby help build a promising tomorrow for the Nation.
  • Increases thinking and reasoning skills
  • Greatly enhances analytical skill
  • Establishes excellent comprehension of addition and subtraction facts
  • Boosts love for math because of elevated confidence in self
  • Increase concentration , memory power, imagination at an early stage.
  • Boost child’s confidence when it comes to math at an early stage.
  • Linking for math improves dramatically . Math becomes fun for kids .
  • Creating a very strong foundation for mathematics.

Vocational Training

Secondary education is insufficient to earn a dependable livelihood. Class X graduates from destitute areas scrape a miserable existence like their parents as day labor or in desperation take to crime.

AIEF  will provide vocational training to low-literate youth in computers, beauty culture & various technical courses so they can earn a dependable livelihood and finally break the cycle of poverty.

AIEF  Vocational Courses Double Family Income and Provide a Dependable Livelihood

The important thing is that these courses equip boys and girls to earn twice as much as what their family would earn combined .

Importantly too it is a regular income, with opportunity for growth as they build their businesses or get salary increments.